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India’s Leading Full-Service, 
Technological Advanced
Design, Fabrication and Production House!

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We have been recreating and enhancing the appearances of various businesses, workplaces, products, and essentially everything that can be beautified, for over more than 20 years. By upgrading the graphical structure and looks of  workplace, we make sure that we provide a best in class visual experience to customers and interest groups. Click on Explore to go through our wide range of services.

Branding Solution ….. One Answer  Wedha !

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Wedha Communications Private Limited is a Visionary group of 100+ professionals engaged with providing innovative & creative services in marketing, POS Displays & upgrading various businesses for over 20 years. With such a long term experience in the corporate design industry, working alongside various corporate giants, we have developed multiple proficient strategies and plans, that we now use to enhance our services even further. It doesn't take too long to make a customer an admirer of your work when you have a visually appealing front, & Wedha helps you achieve these compelling design dreams. 


What exactly makes our functionality and distribution of services smooth, is the high-quality, up to the minute advanced infrastructure available at Wedha. With a facility that gives exceptionally superior

results, lift designs and appearances to new heights. Click Explore to take a tour through Wedha's high-grade Tech.

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