What We Do


Work-Space Branding

A good looking workspace isn't just something that your customers should like, but it is something that should reflect the essence of your work, your brand, and your professionalism. Wedha helps you design your workspace with a defined structure that would suit your business' attire. Every detail of your workspace that would go with your own personalized theme. Enhance the visual experience for your clients, visitors, and your employees as well.



The Showroom for your products and services is undoubtedly the most impactful place in the eyes of your customers. The visual treatment one gets in the Showroom affects tremendously on their product buying decision.

So why settle for mediocre? With Wedha, get perfectly designed Showrooms at your ease. Win over your visitors by giving them a complete visual delicacy.

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Store Fixtures

We at wedha offer you a wide range of standard and customized fixtures for optimum wall & floor space utilization along with a neat arrangement of your workspace or product outlet contents. Our Fixtures product range isn't just about beautifying, but also about creating utility. With consistent innovations in designs, we are always engaged in providing you a structure that will save space while upgrading the visuals. With certified durability, great aesthetics, competitive pricing, and Wedha's trust, you know you are reaching out for a perfect option.

Exhibition Display 

The most significant part of the Exhibition is how the contents are displayed. A thoroughly managed theme for the Exhibition, well-displayed products and services, and much more go into the list of things that lead to the success of it. At Wedha, with multiple professionals at the core of the team, we make sure that you present the best possible Exhibition. Create an extraordinary guest experience with Wedha.

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Corporate Events

Wedha holds pride in being one of the finest events management firm. With decades-long experience, we provide you each service that is required to make your event memorable, engaging, and impactful. Right from planning the event till the uninstallation of the final setup on completion of the event, Wedha takes care of all your management requirements. Get the flexibility to focus on your niche, let us handle all the technical and design aspects.


Signages are the face of your brand. With the help of advanced tech available at Wedha and the expertise of experienced professionals, we provide you the finest Signages available in multiple types for different purposes. Take your game to the next level with our wide range Signages