About Us


Actively working in the Branding & Signages industry since 1999, Wedha communication has been 
providing services relentlessly, with a team of 100+ members who excel in their niche & profession. 
Our expertise in Designing, Printing, Fabrication, and visual specific engineering work has kept 
developing over the years & working alongside Corporate giants and well-known professionals has 
helped us understand & create the clients visualization. The experience discipline, expertise, and 
personalized experience for each customer has  helped us provide excellent & seamless service 
through all these years.

  Our Methodology

Wedha's work system that encourages our team members to independently come up with ideas for 
every single project makes sure there is constantly a variety in the final products, thus providing you a 
unique result, always. Designs are subjective and need to be represented in the ways that the masses 
would like. Our solution-driven approach takes into consideration the demographics of your target 
audience, location-based elements of design, and every minor factor that can potentially be utilized 
to enhance the visuals. Our highly advanced infrastructure and equipment gives optimum production 
results with at most quality, avoiding any wastages, ultimately reducing the costs.

A clear, well managed, and effective workflow, at WEDHA.